Gulped, Swallowed Or Chewed — Still Worth A King’s Ransom!

Would you look at that? Yet another year where I manage to post something on this day of all days! This particular Thursday I wasn’t even near my house most of the day, and I still managed to get this post finished and uploaded! Yes, even when I am off visiting family, I still haveContinue reading “Gulped, Swallowed Or Chewed — Still Worth A King’s Ransom!”

Fitness For Ballroom Dancers, Part 2

Let’s pick up where we left off last week. If you are new here, be sure to go back and check out Fitness For Ballroom Dancers, Part 1 to get yourself all caught up! Before I start in on anything new, I feel like I should reiterate the disclaimers that I posted last week, justContinue reading “Fitness For Ballroom Dancers, Part 2”

Now I’m Here Blinking In The Starlight

Something funny happened over the weekend – on Sunday morning, as I was on my way out the door to meet up with Sparkledancer to practice for a while, I got a text message from Lord Dormamu. Getting a text message from him seemed a little weird since he was at a competition judging, soContinue reading “Now I’m Here Blinking In The Starlight”

Prepare The Laser-Beam

During this past week, I ended up going to work with my dance coach Lord Dormamu twice in a short span of time. He will be leaving to go run around the country doing things, so if I didn’t take the opportunity to see him now I would have had to wait two weeks beforeContinue reading “Prepare The Laser-Beam”