No Regrets, Just One Shot At Glory

Now let’s talk about something completely different than what I have been going on about lately… This past weekend I went out to a festival that was being put on to celebrate West Coast Swing in my area. As you probably already know, secretly I love West Coast Swing and wish that I knew aContinue reading “No Regrets, Just One Shot At Glory”

Some Balls Are Held For Charity And Some For Fancy Dress

I went to two different dance parties this weekend. Two very, very, very, very, very… (I think you get my drift) different dance parties. Last Friday I went to a dance party out at the Electric Dance Hall. I hadn’t originally planned on being there that night, but Bony was asking a bunch of usContinue reading “Some Balls Are Held For Charity And Some For Fancy Dress”

Lightning Strikes In The Dark

A lot of people seemed to be missing this week. I would guess that the holiday today probably has something to do with that… but what do I know? All that turkey I ate must have gone to my head, stuffing it with crazy ideas. I apologize in advance if any of my words tonightContinue reading “Lightning Strikes In The Dark”

Come Along With Me And The Butterflies And Bees

I like holiday weekends. About half of them afford me a little extra time to myself to get some normal life stuff done. This past weekend was like that. A bunch of stuff was cancelled on Monday because of the holiday, and a dance party that was supposed to happen over the weekend got cancelledContinue reading “Come Along With Me And The Butterflies And Bees”