Get The Party Going On The Dance Floor

Let me tell you, the finger food was a brilliant idea for last Friday night. I had been mentioning it to some people who were also coming to the potluck party, so they also brought simple foods that people could pick up and eat without a lot of effort. By the end of the night,Continue reading “Get The Party Going On The Dance Floor”

Follow The Day And Reach For The Sun

I rearranged my schedule this week so that I could go to the Thursday group classes instead of the normal Tuesday group class that I have been going to in order to work with Hot Tottie. I figured this would be the only real way I would get to learn from him, seeing as howContinue reading “Follow The Day And Reach For The Sun”

Had The Guts, Got The Glory

Dinner was much more relaxed than lunch, and I actually got to eat some real food. It was also really nice to sit for a while in non-dance shoes, giving my toes some room to stretch out for a while. Being a fancy hotel, dinner was multi-course and served by staff. When dessert was beingContinue reading “Had The Guts, Got The Glory”

Let’s Have Some Fun, This Beat Is Sick

This week has been productive. My dance partner and I have continued working with Sir Steven to finalize our routines for September. Saturday we put together our West Coast Swing and Bolero routines and added a few more pieces to the East Coast Swing routine. With those two completed, all that’s left is to finishContinue reading “Let’s Have Some Fun, This Beat Is Sick”