It’s All Around You, You Don’t Even Know It

A quick note to start with about the showcase performance I went to last Sunday evening. The show was great, in large part because I knew practically everyone that was performing. That makes a big difference in how much I actually enjoy watching a show like this. On top of that, I knew a tonContinue reading “It’s All Around You, You Don’t Even Know It”

Wasted Days And Sleepless Nights

So… this weekend brought up a strange issue, one that I never thought I would be discussing with someone in the world of dance that I live in. Now I’m going to write about it. Lucky you, right? There’s this guy I know in the dance community. Let’s call him Seedling, because it is Seedling.Continue reading “Wasted Days And Sleepless Nights”

A Momentary Maniac With Casual Delusions

Man there are a lot of interesting notes about dancing this week! So many! This post could end up being a bit long. I’ll try my best to stick to only the most interesting of interesting details, but I’m laying out that warning beforehand just in case. Deep breath… The first thing that I shouldContinue reading “A Momentary Maniac With Casual Delusions”

I Was A Hand Grenade That Never Stopped Exploding

Last Saturday night I was feeling mildly extroverted, so I decided to head out to the dance party that was planned for the evening out at the Endless Dance Hall. This party wasn’t like most of the parties that go on in the Dance Kingdom – normally the hosts of the party set up aContinue reading “I Was A Hand Grenade That Never Stopped Exploding”