Welcome To Where Time Stands Still

The big event going on in the Dance Kingdom this past weekend was a charity dance to help raise money for youth ballroom dancing clubs. Since I’ve met a number of these youth dancers over the years – I see them around working with their instructors, and several of them have also ended up atContinue reading “Welcome To Where Time Stands Still”

From The Ashes Of The Dawn I Arise

Fairly quiet week this week for me. I took care of a bunch of stuff for a project that I have that isn’t work-related or dance-related (I know that’s hard to believe). Eventually the fruits from that project should bleed over into even this realm, believe it or not. I would say in about aContinue reading “From The Ashes Of The Dawn I Arise”

Meet Me In Outerspace

My Amateur dance partner and I happened to choose the Electric Dance Hall as the location for where we were going to practice last Saturday afternoon. When I showed up there at the time Sparkledancer and I chose, Lord Junior was hanging around the studio, cleaning thing a little bit while waiting for his nextContinue reading “Meet Me In Outerspace”

The Best Peach Is At The Top Of That Tree

Aside from yesterday, there were a couple of dance things I went to this past week that asked me to try and make my poor white boy hips work like a Latin dancer. It did not go very well, however. Even cumulus clouds were looking down on me and saying that I needed to goContinue reading “The Best Peach Is At The Top Of That Tree”