Are You Well In The Suffering?

This week in Latin Technique class we had a much better turnout than we did last week, as there were six of us in class compared to just the two of us who showed up last week. On top of that we had an even number of Leads and Follows, so Lord Junior got toContinue reading “Are You Well In The Suffering?”

Reaching Out For Something You’ve Got To Feel

I did manage to go out to a dance party last Saturday. Funny enough, for the first part of the party, I actually got roped into working rather than dancing. See, I was at the Electric Dance Hall for the event. Lord Junior was there when I showed up, but he also had his twoContinue reading “Reaching Out For Something You’ve Got To Feel”

It Doesn’t Matter What You Wear, Just As Long As You Are There

Last Saturday was probably the silliest dance-related thing I’ve gone and done in a long time. I was in a parade as a ballroom dancer. Getting to the parade all started at some point back in November. I got a couple text messages from some dance friends telling me that Lord Junior had signed upContinue reading “It Doesn’t Matter What You Wear, Just As Long As You Are There”

Insane And Risin’ In My Own Weird Way

I apologize for my unintended absence last week. Though I am lucky that I don’t get sick very often, it happens every now and again, and unfortunately this was one of those types of sicknesses that kept me mostly asleep and away from everything, including writing something interesting. Thankfully Sparkledancer was willing to help meContinue reading “Insane And Risin’ In My Own Weird Way”