There Was A Little Drawing Of A Heart Next To That

I know that I keep talking about less-than exciting dance things lately, but those are the kinds of dance things that are going on right now that are on my mind. There’s not much else happening in the world of dance, as I’m sure you know… I can’t remember when I’ve mentioned this in theContinue reading “There Was A Little Drawing Of A Heart Next To That”

I Can Tell You What They Say In Space

Have you ever gone out and had a dance lesson where you didn’t cover a whole lot of material, but the things you were working on were still incredibly difficult? That was how my lesson with Lord Dormamu this past weekend went. We spent nearly two hours looking at nothing more than four figures inContinue reading “I Can Tell You What They Say In Space”

Deep In The Fiction We Live

So… I had something happen again this weekend, something that I’ve experienced a couple of times before, and it’s gotten me thinking. You know what happens when I get to thinking, right? I get to writing. Bear with me a little bit today – I have some thoughts to process through. Last Friday night IContinue reading “Deep In The Fiction We Live”

Come Along With Me And The Butterflies And Bees

I like holiday weekends. About half of them afford me a little extra time to myself to get some normal life stuff done. This past weekend was like that. A bunch of stuff was cancelled on Monday because of the holiday, and a dance party that was supposed to happen over the weekend got cancelledContinue reading “Come Along With Me And The Butterflies And Bees”