Everybody Open Your Mouth, Everybody Just Say Ah

Last Friday I went out to something rather unique. On the weekly dance calendar for the Dance Kingdom that gets sent out on Wednesdays, there was an option listed for Friday night called the ‘Line Dance Extravaganza.’ This was being taught by the legendary Sir Digler – someone I’ve mentioned several times in the past,Continue reading “Everybody Open Your Mouth, Everybody Just Say Ah”

With Thunder We Ride, With Lightning We Strike

This past weekend was a competition for me. Overall, I think things went pretty OK. There was a lot about the dancing I did during the day that I am happy about, but there were just as many points that I was not happy with. That’s all good though – it’s a learning process, andContinue reading “With Thunder We Ride, With Lightning We Strike”

It’s Nothin’ Dangerous, I Feel No Pain

Last Saturday it seems like all the stars aligned and everything worked out perfectly in my morning so that I could go to a workshop taught by Judge Dread in the afternoon. Hooray for me! Part of me thought that going to the workshop would be a good idea because Judge Dread is a big-timeContinue reading “It’s Nothin’ Dangerous, I Feel No Pain”

Life’s True Intent Needs Patience

Oh man, so many things! Do you have weeks like that, where there is too much packed into a measly seven days, and you have trouble trying to keep track of all the important things that you saw and did? That has been happening to me a lot more in the last year or so.Continue reading “Life’s True Intent Needs Patience”