Celebrate Like It’s The Anniversary Of The Day That We First Met

Would you look at that? My phone’s calendar beeped at me and told me that today marks four years since the first day I posted on this site. Four years! That’s a long time! Earlier today when I had a few minutes of downtime, I went through all the links that I have posted onContinue reading “Celebrate Like It’s The Anniversary Of The Day That We First Met”

Two Years Gone By

So my calendar alarm beeped at me and told me that today marked two years of me putting dance stories online! Hard to believe that so much time has actually passed, but there is an archive of everything I’ve written available, so I can actually go back and prove to myself that it happened. FunnyContinue reading “Two Years Gone By”

I’m Lightning On My Feet

This past weekend I attended an event that was being billed as a “Cha-Cha Master Class” – though they said it was open to all levels of dancers, and you only needed to know the basics of Cha-Cha to get by. I will admit, I had real reservations about the class before I signed upContinue reading “I’m Lightning On My Feet”

Time Sure Flies When You’re Having Fun

Well, would you look at that? According to my calendar, it’s officially been one year since I started writing here. One year of posting all the ballroom dance-related things that I do for the whole world to read about and judge. To celebrate, I decided to have a get together over at my house. IContinue reading “Time Sure Flies When You’re Having Fun”