We’ve Arrived Because We Stuck Together

This week I got an invite to attend a virtual conference about dancing. I got an email from the organizers of a competition that I’ve gone to a couple of times in the past inviting me to join their discussion on the future of the competition. Since I have been to the event a coupleContinue reading “We’ve Arrived Because We Stuck Together”

Shine Glorious We Run

Though I was initially skeptical about doing so, I went out this weekend to attend part of a day at a training camp being held for competitive ballroom dancers at the Endless Dance Hall. In some ways I got lucky – originally, the organizers had talked to my coach and convinced him to sign upContinue reading “Shine Glorious We Run”

And The Muscular Cyborg German Dudes Dance With Sexy French Canadians

Last weekend wore me out. I spent pretty much all day on Saturday at the Endless Dance Hall. It was a lot more than I had originally planned on when I agreed to do the competition there last weekend, but it was mostly fun. To be available to do everything on Saturday, I had gottenContinue reading “And The Muscular Cyborg German Dudes Dance With Sexy French Canadians”

I’ve Got To Take It On The Otherside

I had an interesting discussion with Sir Steven on Saturday in addition to the work we got through on our lesson. Where to start? Well, how about at the beginning. Like we sort-of do regularly, we started out by running our International Standard routines in order – Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot then Quickstep. Finishing up those,Continue reading “I’ve Got To Take It On The Otherside”