Reaching Out For Something You’ve Got To Feel

I did manage to go out to a dance party last Saturday. Funny enough, for the first part of the party, I actually got roped into working rather than dancing. See, I was at the Electric Dance Hall for the event. Lord Junior was there when I showed up, but he also had his twoContinue reading “Reaching Out For Something You’ve Got To Feel”

Flimsy As It Is, It’s Business Like

I want to follow-up to what I wrote last week for a moment… a couple of days ago a competition that I went to last year (which is coming up again in a couple of months) released their tentative schedule for this year’s event. My competitive partner Sparkledancer got an email from the organizers ofContinue reading “Flimsy As It Is, It’s Business Like”

Struck By A Smooth Criminal

Viennese Waltz terrifies me a bit. Wednesday night we are in class working on it – the only people to show up for this week’s group class that was taught by Sir Steven were myself and Sparkledancer, so rather than a group class, we worked on what will be our competition routine for September. Luckily,Continue reading “Struck By A Smooth Criminal”