Up ‘Til Now The Next Step Was A Question Of How

So the dude that has been joining us in Technique classes for a while now has finally earned himself a nickname. I didn’t actually come up with this one, but I thought it was pretty funny and I was there in the three different classes over last week and this week where this nickname wasContinue reading “Up ‘Til Now The Next Step Was A Question Of How”

The Thin Line Between Entertainment And War

I went to an open dance at the City Dance Hall last Saturday, and I ended up having a pretty strange conversation about the state of social dancing in my area with a couple of ladies while I was there. That was not something that I expected at all when I hopped in my carContinue reading “The Thin Line Between Entertainment And War”

And You Know You Must Shuffle Along, Join The Parade

This week was even quieter for me in the dance world than last week. What? How is that even possible? It wasn’t entirely intentional on my part. I ended up declining to go out last weekend so that I could get some things done around my house, so that part was totally my choice. MondayContinue reading “And You Know You Must Shuffle Along, Join The Parade”

The Past Is Young And The Future Old

It was a quiet week this week for me, with only a little bit of actual dancing… though I was out at a dance studio hanging out for a while, which made my total studio time this week a lot longer than the time I was actually in any of my dance shoes. Monday nightContinue reading “The Past Is Young And The Future Old”