Ready For A New Day, Ready For A Change

One of the things that has really struck me over the course of the last week now that all dance studios in my area are shut down is how much I never really planned to practice dancing at home. I moved a while back for a variety of reasons, as you could probably tell whenContinue reading “Ready For A New Day, Ready For A Change”

Flimsy As It Is, It’s Business Like

I want to follow-up to what I wrote last week for a moment… a couple of days ago a competition that I went to last year (which is coming up again in a couple of months) released their tentative schedule for this year’s event. My competitive partner Sparkledancer got an email from the organizers ofContinue reading “Flimsy As It Is, It’s Business Like”

Another Day, Another Destiny

This week in the world of dance, I missed out on going to class on Monday night. There was an errand that came up unexpectedly, and that kept me from doing much of anything I wanted to do that night. I didn’t even get to eat dinner; rather, I had to wait until I finishedContinue reading “Another Day, Another Destiny”

Just Keep Ya Head In The Game

My week kind of went sideways, so rather than doing any actual dancing this week, I ended up spending way more time than I had planned on doing dance-adjacent activities. There is this competition that I have volunteered to help out with in the past, and over the last few years the help that theContinue reading “Just Keep Ya Head In The Game”