You Got The Heart, You Got The Motion

The week prior, I had gotten asked several times by Lord Junior about attending the Friday night dance at the Electric Dance Hall. The event was mentioned a couple of times, and he was really interested in starting to do social dances every other week. They were also going to have an intermediate-level class onContinue reading “You Got The Heart, You Got The Motion”

It’s Got A Beat That You Can Dance To

(Picking up where I left off on 5/1/2014) Once we all got back from lunch, we began the American Rhythm and International Latin heats. I hadn’t anticipated the lunch break to cause me to lose focus, but just like in the morning, the first few heats I danced in the afternoon were not that great.Continue reading “It’s Got A Beat That You Can Dance To”

You Do Your Body Work

Last weekend Lady Q was out of town, so the task of teaching her Pilates class fell to Lord Fabulous. Rather than try and teach Pilates (he has tried in the past, and it didn’t go so well…), he spent the class period teaching a surprise course that went over movement of body energy –Continue reading “You Do Your Body Work”

It’s Friday, Friday, Kind Of Let Down On Friday…

Friday turned out to be a strange sort of night. I felt kind of let down at the luau party. No one that I had invited showed up. The party was a good time, but by the end of the night when no strangers that had been interested when I talked to them had arrived,Continue reading “It’s Friday, Friday, Kind Of Let Down On Friday…”