But I’m Not Convinced By Your Costume

I didn’t actually get out last Friday night. Silly work! But that’s OK, because I did get to go out on Saturday night, and I had a grand old time. My costume was amazing if I do say so myself, and came together splendidly to make everything I did on Saturday more entertaining throughout theContinue reading “But I’m Not Convinced By Your Costume”

Everyone Hail To The Pumpkin King Now

So many things. Spooky things. And even a little candy this time around. What more could you ask for? Dancing? Oh yeah, I got that too… Let’s start things off with the two things that I did last Saturday – the first one being work, the second being fun. In the morning I headed outContinue reading “Everyone Hail To The Pumpkin King Now”

With The Slightest Little Effort Of My Ghostlike Charms

Last Saturday was the first time since the last competition that everyone’s schedules matched up, and Sparkledancer and I were able to meet up with Lord Dormamu for coaching. The first thing that he said to us as we got started that morning was that he was pleased with the results we got at theContinue reading “With The Slightest Little Effort Of My Ghostlike Charms”

The Dead Start To Walk In Their Masquerade

Ah, Halloween. The best holiday of the year, I would argue. Do you remember being a kid and getting all dressed up and going out to get free candy? That was super fun to me, and I’ve always loved Halloween ever since then. Sure, as an adult you tend to get less free candy fromContinue reading “The Dead Start To Walk In Their Masquerade”