We Come Together For A Good Time

This week I did two dance-related things worth noting. Monday night I went out to Latin Technique class, and then Tuesday night I ended last year and began the new year out at a dance party. It’s how I’ve spent New Year’s Eve for the last however-many years (I’ve lost count), and I think itContinue reading “We Come Together For A Good Time”

It Doesn’t Matter What You Wear, Just As Long As You Are There

Last Saturday was probably the silliest dance-related thing I’ve gone and done in a long time. I was in a parade as a ballroom dancer. Getting to the parade all started at some point back in November. I got a couple text messages from some dance friends telling me that Lord Junior had signed upContinue reading “It Doesn’t Matter What You Wear, Just As Long As You Are There”

Some Dance To Remember, Some Dance To Forget

In a surprising turn of events that I wasn’t really expecting, last Saturday I was out at a competition. I wasn’t actually dancing in this competition, but I was there for a good chunk of the day as a volunteer helping out. This all started two days prior when I got a text message fromContinue reading “Some Dance To Remember, Some Dance To Forget”

She Had The Body Of A Venus, Lord Imagine My Surprise

There’s been some discussion among people at various studios I have been at the past couple of weeks related to a couple of big announcements that went out in the past month or so about changes to the world of competitive ballroom in this country. If you are a competitive dancer, you’ve probably either seenContinue reading “She Had The Body Of A Venus, Lord Imagine My Surprise”