Time Keeps On Slippin’ Into The Future

The last few weeks, during coaching sessions with Sir Steven, we have spent a lot of time working on arm motions. I have to say, this is going to be one of those hard things for me to work on. Watching Sir Steven move his arms around, he makes it look so… graceful. Watching myselfContinue reading “Time Keeps On Slippin’ Into The Future”

It’s The Terror Of Knowing What This World Is About

Flashback to Wednesday night: we had just finished up Foxtrot class, and my dance partner and I were practicing some of the techniques from class. Others were in the back, chit-chatting, waiting for their private lessons to start. Sir Steven was going to be giving a lesson to Amazon, and Yessie was waiting for LordContinue reading “It’s The Terror Of Knowing What This World Is About”

They Must Grade On A Curve

Is it really the end of the month already? I went to the last group class for Waltz this week, so it must be the end of the month. It’s been good, I will say. There are a lot of bits that I picked up. The problem will now be fitting them into normal dancesContinue reading “They Must Grade On A Curve”

World of Floorcraft

The big thing sticking with me after the competition is my failure to really avoid people during the ballroom routines. Learning the floorcraft skill is really not something that can be easily taught by someone else, even someone as wise and knowledgeable as Sir Steven. No, this is going to be one of those skillsContinue reading “World of Floorcraft”