The Thin Line Between Entertainment And War

I went to an open dance at the City Dance Hall last Saturday, and I ended up having a pretty strange conversation about the state of social dancing in my area with a couple of ladies while I was there. That was not something that I expected at all when I hopped in my carContinue reading “The Thin Line Between Entertainment And War”

My Tribe Went Down In The Hall Of Fame

Last weekend turned out to be kind of nutty. I got a text from Lord Junior last Thursday asking if I could meet up at the Electric Dance Hall late Saturday afternoon. He wanted to get the whole group of us who were going to the competition from his studio together that afternoon so thatContinue reading “My Tribe Went Down In The Hall Of Fame”

With Thunder We Ride, With Lightning We Strike

This past weekend was a competition for me. Overall, I think things went pretty OK. There was a lot about the dancing I did during the day that I am happy about, but there were just as many points that I was not happy with. That’s all good though – it’s a learning process, andContinue reading “With Thunder We Ride, With Lightning We Strike”

And The Muscular Cyborg German Dudes Dance With Sexy French Canadians

Last weekend wore me out. I spent pretty much all day on Saturday at the Endless Dance Hall. It was a lot more than I had originally planned on when I agreed to do the competition there last weekend, but it was mostly fun. To be available to do everything on Saturday, I had gottenContinue reading “And The Muscular Cyborg German Dudes Dance With Sexy French Canadians”