From The Ashes Of The Dawn I Arise

Fairly quiet week this week for me. I took care of a bunch of stuff for a project that I have that isn’t work-related or dance-related (I know that’s hard to believe). Eventually the fruits from that project should bleed over into even this realm, believe it or not. I would say in about aContinue reading “From The Ashes Of The Dawn I Arise”

Prepare The Laser-Beam

During this past week, I ended up going to work with my dance coach Lord Dormamu twice in a short span of time. He will be leaving to go run around the country doing things, so if I didn’t take the opportunity to see him now I would have had to wait two weeks beforeContinue reading “Prepare The Laser-Beam”

Turn And Face The Strange Changes

I don’t know about you, but so far 2017 appears to be shaping up to be an interesting year… Early Saturday morning I got a text from Sparkledancer about meeting her a half-hour early at the Fancy Dance Hall so that we could run through some things she wanted to work on. When I gotContinue reading “Turn And Face The Strange Changes”

Oh My Quad…

So I’m going to deviate a bit from my normal ramblings this week, because this weekend marks the end of my fitness experiment of seeing how much muscle mass I could add on to my frame in three months, and I’d like to talk about that for a bit. I can tell you that IContinue reading “Oh My Quad…”