Will The Real Shady Please Stand Up?

Hopefully this is the last time I write about the upcoming dance elections, at least until after the election is over. I might decide to write about the results, should said results turn out to be interesting. Have you been keeping track of what has been going on? It looks like, based on the emailContinue reading “Will The Real Shady Please Stand Up?”

I’m Your Top Prime Cut Of Meat, I’m Your Choice

Were you with me a couple of weeks ago when I discussed the upcoming dance-related election that is happening in November? I saw an update about it earlier this week, and I wanted to mention it to you, because… well, the plot, as they say, thickens. So I was shown a copy of the currentContinue reading “I’m Your Top Prime Cut Of Meat, I’m Your Choice”

If You Want To Have Cities, You’ve Got To Build Roads

Let’s talk politics today. We won’t get into the crazy things going on at the national level as all sorts of races heat up heading toward November. Instead, I want to talk about a different election that’s coming up, one that coincidentally will also happen this coming November, and also has a bunch of crazyContinue reading “If You Want To Have Cities, You’ve Got To Build Roads”

Why Do We Accept Things The Way They Are?

So… I recently saw a post someone else wrote that talked about why people should go into competing in the ballroom world if the game is rigged. As I read through it, part of me thought that things that I said over the last two weeks might have had something to do with influencing theContinue reading “Why Do We Accept Things The Way They Are?”