Why Do We Accept Things The Way They Are?

So… I recently saw a post someone else wrote that talked about why people should go into competing in the ballroom world if the game is rigged. As I read through it, part of me thought that things that I said over the last two weeks might have had something to do with influencing theContinue reading “Why Do We Accept Things The Way They Are?”

We’re Wicked By The Book And Class Is Back In Session

Let me tell you – volunteering at a much higher level for a competition lets you hear about a lot of stuff that you’d probably not want to know if given the choice. There are aspects of running a competition that, while I understand them from a business perspective because the ideas come straight outContinue reading “We’re Wicked By The Book And Class Is Back In Session”

But Look At You Now, It’s Dark And You’re Gone

How much random stuff have you learned about sharks this week, all because there are shows about sharks on all the time in the background of every place you go? I’ve been enjoying it way more than the boring or depressing news shows that places normally have on in the background. I might even goContinue reading “But Look At You Now, It’s Dark And You’re Gone”

They’re Just Lousy With Loyalty

If you remember, last Thursday night I was asked by my normal coach Lord Dormamu to take a coaching session with a visiting adjudicator that he knew. This gentleman was only going to be in town one night, and had an opening at the end of the evening that worked in both my Amateur partner’sContinue reading “They’re Just Lousy With Loyalty”