Poised For Conflict At Ground Zero

I’ve seen a lot of sad back-and-forth posting on various media sites and emails sent out lately… that just makes me sad. Why do I even see these things? The things that people are writing make it seem like this pandemic, and the lack of dance in some areas while dancing still continues in others,Continue reading “Poised For Conflict At Ground Zero”

Bye, Bye World, Or Will Our Hope Still Hold On?

I’ve gotten a lot of update emails this week from various competitions. Some of them I got updates from because I’ve been to those competitions in the past, a few of them I have no idea why I’m on their mailing lists… I’ve never been to those events, and I don’t know the organizers, plusContinue reading “Bye, Bye World, Or Will Our Hope Still Hold On?”

I’m Staring At The Asphalt Wondering What’s Buried Underneath

Even though I haven’t gone out to any dance events in what feels like forever ever since the world shut down, I still hear about what is going on with people in the dance community directly and indirectly from various sources. There have been a couple of concerning updates that I have heard this pastContinue reading “I’m Staring At The Asphalt Wondering What’s Buried Underneath”

We’ve Arrived Because We Stuck Together

This week I got an invite to attend a virtual conference about dancing. I got an email from the organizers of a competition that I’ve gone to a couple of times in the past inviting me to join their discussion on the future of the competition. Since I have been to the event a coupleContinue reading “We’ve Arrived Because We Stuck Together”