We’ve Arrived Because We Stuck Together

This week I got an invite to attend a virtual conference about dancing. I got an email from the organizers of a competition that I’ve gone to a couple of times in the past inviting me to join their discussion on the future of the competition. Since I have been to the event a coupleContinue reading “We’ve Arrived Because We Stuck Together”

You Live Your Life Like A Canary In A Coalmine

Hoo boy… where to even start with this. I don’t know if you heard about or saw the email that announced this change, but one of the major dance organizations in this country has released the updated wording of their ‘Risk in Dance’ policy. You can probably look up the exact wording if you areContinue reading “You Live Your Life Like A Canary In A Coalmine”

There Was A Little Drawing Of A Heart Next To That

I know that I keep talking about less-than exciting dance things lately, but those are the kinds of dance things that are going on right now that are on my mind. There’s not much else happening in the world of dance, as I’m sure you know… I can’t remember when I’ve mentioned this in theContinue reading “There Was A Little Drawing Of A Heart Next To That”

Watch It Fly By As The Pendulum Swings

Someone I know happened to send over a link to a ballroom-related article. At first I was a bit reluctant to read it – the person sent it over for me to read because it was related to something that I do and it was kind of sad. Then I actually read it, and asContinue reading “Watch It Fly By As The Pendulum Swings”