This Empty Room Is My Companion

Well, it’s happened in my neck of the woods much like I’m sure that it happened in yours: dance shutdown. The dance parties that I was hoping to get to this weekend? Cancelled. Group classes at the studios near my house? Cancelled. For the foreseeable future, it looks like the Dance Kingdom is going toContinue reading “This Empty Room Is My Companion”

Everybody Open Your Mouth, Everybody Just Say Ah

Last Friday I went out to something rather unique. On the weekly dance calendar for the Dance Kingdom that gets sent out on Wednesdays, there was an option listed for Friday night called the ‘Line Dance Extravaganza.’ This was being taught by the legendary Sir Digler – someone I’ve mentioned several times in the past,Continue reading “Everybody Open Your Mouth, Everybody Just Say Ah”

Gulped, Swallowed Or Chewed — Still Worth A King’s Ransom!

Would you look at that? Yet another year where I manage to post something on this day of all days! This particular Thursday I wasn’t even near my house most of the day, and I still managed to get this post finished and uploaded! Yes, even when I am off visiting family, I still haveContinue reading “Gulped, Swallowed Or Chewed — Still Worth A King’s Ransom!”