Everyone’s Gone On Without You

It seems like we are moving closer to the ‘forgetting all about the pandemic’ stage of things in my area. A couple of weeks ago we moved into the next phase of opening back up here, which officially allowed dance studios to resume business partially. As I mentioned in past weeks, some studios already hadContinue reading “Everyone’s Gone On Without You”

Bye, Bye World, Or Will Our Hope Still Hold On?

I’ve gotten a lot of update emails this week from various competitions. Some of them I got updates from because I’ve been to those competitions in the past, a few of them I have no idea why I’m on their mailing lists… I’ve never been to those events, and I don’t know the organizers, plusContinue reading “Bye, Bye World, Or Will Our Hope Still Hold On?”

Strangers, In A City Burning

Things just keep humming along here, with nothing really changing on the dance front. There was talk of more studios looking at offering group classes outdoors, but so far nothing has come from all that talk. In my part of the world studios are still *supposed* to be closed, but I have heard a fewContinue reading “Strangers, In A City Burning”

Moving Our Feet Over The Painted White Lines

Word on the street is that there is a studio in my area that is going to attempt to hold its first group class that people can attend in person since the craziness started tomorrow night. What makes this interesting is that they are going to be offering the class outside for those who wantContinue reading “Moving Our Feet Over The Painted White Lines”