The Nobility, Part II

There are a few other instructors of note that I have seen since getting in to this realm. As an aside, the notable ones are male. That’s not because the female instructors aren’t worthy of note – indeed, they are just as professional and talented as their male counterparts. I personally saw one of theContinue reading “The Nobility, Part II”

The Nobility, Part I

Our own quest to learn to dance is based out of the Land of the Loft, which is the closest studio to where we live. It has much better lighting than the usual dungeon that people quest in, which makes for a more pleasant learning environment. The studio is the home of three of theContinue reading “The Nobility, Part I”

The Royalty

When one thinks about a kingdom, probably the first thing that people associate with it would be a monarchy. Well, lucky for you the Dance Kingdom has one. The ruler is a King, who watches over his realm from a position of strength and financial fortitude. He is well versed in the various business acumenContinue reading “The Royalty”