Poised For Conflict At Ground Zero

I’ve seen a lot of sad back-and-forth posting on various media sites and emails sent out lately… that just makes me sad. Why do I even see these things? The things that people are writing make it seem like this pandemic, and the lack of dance in some areas while dancing still continues in others,Continue reading “Poised For Conflict At Ground Zero”

You’re All By Yourself, But You’re Not Alone

Remember that update that I posted a little over a month ago? About the studios in my area that were closing for good because of the pandemic? Well, this week an officially official notice was sent out about the Prime Dance Hall. Sad. When I had written the original post, notices had been sent outContinue reading “You’re All By Yourself, But You’re Not Alone”

If You Want To Have Cities, You’ve Got To Build Roads

Let’s talk politics today. We won’t get into the crazy things going on at the national level as all sorts of races heat up heading toward November. Instead, I want to talk about a different election that’s coming up, one that coincidentally will also happen this coming November, and also has a bunch of crazyContinue reading “If You Want To Have Cities, You’ve Got To Build Roads”

Put Your Helping Hands Together, Rockin’ On For Survival

Not much in the way of dance news crossed my plate this week. Which is sad, because a friend was sending me updates this morning about all the terrible news going on in the world. I stopped paying attention to the news months ago to help keep my sanity, so seeing all kinds of sadContinue reading “Put Your Helping Hands Together, Rockin’ On For Survival”