It’s A Repeat Of A Story Told

So… there was this show on that someone told me I really needed to watch. I don’t watch much TV in general, but I relented and have seen a couple of the episodes of it. As you can imagine, since I’m mentioning here, the show was related to ballroom dancing. You may have also seenContinue reading “It’s A Repeat Of A Story Told”

Follow The Day And Reach For The Sun

I rearranged my schedule this week so that I could go to the Thursday group classes instead of the normal Tuesday group class that I have been going to in order to work with Hot Tottie. I figured this would be the only real way I would get to learn from him, seeing as howContinue reading “Follow The Day And Reach For The Sun”

Lifting Shadows Off A Dream Once Broken

Saturday night’s dance field trip was good, especially for the ladies from our studio. Really good. We went out to a large social dance event being held at a ballroom in town, much like we did right before the last competition I was in. We all met up at a place to have dinner thatContinue reading “Lifting Shadows Off A Dream Once Broken”

Pumpkins Grin In Their Despair…

Oh man, it’s Halloween. Did you hear something about a Halloween dance field trip going on last weekend? Because there was one! That seems like a good story to tell on a night like tonight, doesn’t it? Because many of the people from the Land of the Loft had never actually attended an event heldContinue reading “Pumpkins Grin In Their Despair…”