It’s A Repeat Of A Story Told

So… there was this show on that someone told me I really needed to watch. I don’t watch much TV in general, but I relented and have seen a couple of the episodes of it. As you can imagine, since I’m mentioning here, the show was related to ballroom dancing. You may have also seenContinue reading “It’s A Repeat Of A Story Told”

And I’ve Been Working Like A Dog

When I look over the things I posted last week, I realize that, while it’s funny to think about, the context behind my weird floorcraft path picture is missing. It is actually a funny story (at least, to me it’s funny). The idea for it came up during the last competition I was in. ThereContinue reading “And I’ve Been Working Like A Dog”

And This Way It Will Remain Till The Day When All Are One

Let me set the stage here: It started like any other normal Friday night. There were a number of us out at the last Samba group class of the month, enjoying things as we wrapped up and reviewed everything that (those of us who had been in all the classes) we had learned the lastContinue reading “And This Way It Will Remain Till The Day When All Are One”

Sometimes When The Spirit’s Left Alone

Needing a space to practice on an actual dance floor this week, I headed to meet up with Sparkledancer at a social dance event being held at a small studio I had never been to before. Apparently I misinterpreted the note that the dance hall had posted about the event that read “Seniors Welcome” becauseContinue reading “Sometimes When The Spirit’s Left Alone”