Behind The Curtain, In The Pantomime

It seems like winter keeps coming back to haunt me. No, it hasn’t gotten cold again here in my part of the world, but that short cold spell we did have has left a lot of things behind to remind us that it happened well after the date that the temperature got back above freezing.Continue reading “Behind The Curtain, In The Pantomime”

‘Cause We Gon’ Rock This Club, We Gon’ Go All Night

So one of the big things that I went through this past weekend was my coaching session with Lady Comrade. Since we got together at the same time that I normally meet with Sparkledancer and Sir Steven, the two of them were working on the other side of the Endless Dance Hall, so they couldContinue reading “‘Cause We Gon’ Rock This Club, We Gon’ Go All Night”

Get To Know The Feeling Of Liberation And Relief

The big adventure from this past week was that I got to perform – the culmination of all that time spent practicing, learning and refining our Pasodoble routine. I was really happy that Sparkledancer and I were the only ones performing that day that had a Pasodoble to show. At other dance shows I’ve beenContinue reading “Get To Know The Feeling Of Liberation And Relief”

It’s A Party As Long As You’re There

It is now officially confirmed: Sir Steven is going to put together a showcase performance that Sparkledancer and I can do, and we are definitely doing Pasodoble. Can you feel the excitement? This past Saturday when we all met up, we started up by going back to work on Tango. That seems to be theContinue reading “It’s A Party As Long As You’re There”