Flimsy As It Is, It’s Business Like

I want to follow-up to what I wrote last week for a moment… a couple of days ago a competition that I went to last year (which is coming up again in a couple of months) released their tentative schedule for this year’s event. My competitive partner Sparkledancer got an email from the organizers ofContinue reading “Flimsy As It Is, It’s Business Like”

The Best Peach Is At The Top Of That Tree

Aside from yesterday, there were a couple of dance things I went to this past week that asked me to try and make my poor white boy hips work like a Latin dancer. It did not go very well, however. Even cumulus clouds were looking down on me and saying that I needed to goContinue reading “The Best Peach Is At The Top Of That Tree”

When We’re Dancing, The Night Begins To Shine

Forgive me for a bit of rambling this week. There are so many things jumbled around in my brain that I just need to get out so that I can sort through them. Bear with me on this… Last Saturday I met up with Sir Steven and Sparkledancer to continue working on Tango. There’s notContinue reading “When We’re Dancing, The Night Begins To Shine”

Before I Let That Happen, I’ll Dance My Life Away

This past week I got to go to a meeting of the Royal Dance Court that I am a member of to discuss all sorts of dance business things. Yup, ‘dance business things’ – I’m going to stand behind that phrase. This meeting started out on a sad note. My friend Indiana had informed usContinue reading “Before I Let That Happen, I’ll Dance My Life Away”