Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other

Hey! Look at that! Today’s the day! Six year’s ago today I started this site. Wow! A lot has changed in that time, hasn’t it? And yet, a lot of things haven’t. I’m still dancing. I’m still posting here at least once a week.  Let’s take a moment to celebrate making it this far. I’mContinue reading “Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other”

Celebrate Like It’s The Anniversary Of The Day That We First Met

Would you look at that? My phone’s calendar beeped at me and told me that today marks four years since the first day I posted on this site. Four years! That’s a long time! Earlier today when I had a few minutes of downtime, I went through all the links that I have posted onContinue reading “Celebrate Like It’s The Anniversary Of The Day That We First Met”

Mysteries Abound, Made Of A Deep Energy

Last Friday night a few of us went out to a random dance party with the Heartbreak Kid. It wasn’t even a ballroom-related dance party, believe it or not! He has become pretty active in one of the Swing dance communities in the Dance Kingdom, and has been asking for a while for people toContinue reading “Mysteries Abound, Made Of A Deep Energy”

Two Years Gone By

So my calendar alarm beeped at me and told me that today marked two years of me putting dance stories online! Hard to believe that so much time has actually passed, but there is an archive of everything I’ve written available, so I can actually go back and prove to myself that it happened. FunnyContinue reading “Two Years Gone By”