Once Upon A Time In The Land of Eight, There Stood A Castle, Very Great

…except it hasn’t really been that great lately, has it? Hey! Look at that! I’m still alive! It’s only been… almost six months since I’ve posted anything, and several months since I last logged in here to read anything that anyone else has posted. How is the dance world? Still keeping on keeping on? MyContinue reading “Once Upon A Time In The Land of Eight, There Stood A Castle, Very Great”

Everyone’s Gone On Without You

It seems like we are moving closer to the ‘forgetting all about the pandemic’ stage of things in my area. A couple of weeks ago we moved into the next phase of opening back up here, which officially allowed dance studios to resume business partially. As I mentioned in past weeks, some studios already hadContinue reading “Everyone’s Gone On Without You”

I Move This Fast, And I Make Mistakes

I don’t really have much to write tonight. Actually, there are things I had in mind to write about… but I didn’t actually want to spend time thinking about those things tonight. In all honesty, I have put a lot of thought today into coming up with a plan for how to hand out candyContinue reading “I Move This Fast, And I Make Mistakes”

Will The Real Shady Please Stand Up?

Hopefully this is the last time I write about the upcoming dance elections, at least until after the election is over. I might decide to write about the results, should said results turn out to be interesting. Have you been keeping track of what has been going on? It looks like, based on the emailContinue reading “Will The Real Shady Please Stand Up?”