Ballroom Hamlet

A bunch of links to other sites related to ballroom dancing. Take a look, I promise these will all be full of much better writing than my site.

(Last update 9/17/2019)
Once upon a time, I was asked to participate in a concept called the ‘Ballroom Village’ – it was proposed to me as a community of fellow ballroom dancers who also liked to write about dancing. We were all going to talk to each other, share our stories with each other, share links to each others sites, and just generally be cool.

That idea kind of died, and I decided to modify my list of links. Below you will see links to a small group of ballroom-related sites I follow. These people are probably much better writers than I am, so I hope you will enjoy what they have to say. I try to prune this list every so often to weed out any sites that haven’t been updated in a long time.

Beauty And The Ballroom

Beyond Cancer Ballroom Dancer

Chai & Chacha

Dance Safari

Dance, Read, Homeschool, Repeat

Derbyshire Dancer

Facing Diagonal Wall

Full Tilt Diva

The Dancing Housewife

The Girl With The Tree Tattoo


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