Moving Our Feet Over The Painted White Lines

Word on the street is that there is a studio in my area that is going to attempt to hold its first group class that people can attend in person since the craziness started tomorrow night. What makes this interesting is that they are going to be offering the class outside for those who wantContinue reading “Moving Our Feet Over The Painted White Lines”

We’ve Arrived Because We Stuck Together

This week I got an invite to attend a virtual conference about dancing. I got an email from the organizers of a competition that I’ve gone to a couple of times in the past inviting me to join their discussion on the future of the competition. Since I have been to the event a coupleContinue reading “We’ve Arrived Because We Stuck Together”

When You Were Young And Your Heart Was An Open Book

How are things coming along in your part of the country? My area has been slowly working our way through the first phase of opening things back up, and is looking at starting the second phase soon. I think that the first phase has been going well, but it has been raining quite a bitContinue reading “When You Were Young And Your Heart Was An Open Book”

You Live Your Life Like A Canary In A Coalmine

Hoo boy… where to even start with this. I don’t know if you heard about or saw the email that announced this change, but one of the major dance organizations in this country has released the updated wording of their ‘Risk in Dance’ policy. You can probably look up the exact wording if you areContinue reading “You Live Your Life Like A Canary In A Coalmine”