Once Upon A Time In The Land of Eight, There Stood A Castle, Very Great

…except it hasn’t really been that great lately, has it?

Hey! Look at that! I’m still alive! It’s only been… almost six months since I’ve posted anything, and several months since I last logged in here to read anything that anyone else has posted. How is the dance world? Still keeping on keeping on?

My calendar told me that today was the anniversary for this site, marking eight years since I posted my first inane rambling about dance online. Let me tell you, this eighth year has certainly been a major change from the previous seven. I’m sure you know that though, so why am I telling you? But in case you didn’t know, it’s changed pretty majorly. Pretty. Majorly. Indeed.

And because of that major change, I don’t really have much to say. What hasn’t changed though is my regard to dancing in my life. 

Sure, occasionally I will see some posts that friends do online about dance things they are out doing, and sometimes I talk about dance with the few people I talk to these days, but for the most part dance doesn’t even cross my mind lately. There are other, safer hobbies that I have taken up to fill all the time I used to spend dancing, things that don’t require me to leave the house and be around people. And weirdly enough I am perfectly content with that. Plus, it certainly makes my cat happy. She can sit with me and get pets while I do things at home, which is something she couldn’t do when I was leaving the house all the time to go out dancing.

How has dance life been treating you? Have you thrown yourself back into it already, or are you like me and still hunkering down and staying away from people? No matter the case, I hope it is making you happy, and that you are staying healthy in the process. We’ll have to wait and see what year nine brings us, won’t we!

Note – I thought about putting together some elaborate picture to honor this eighth anniversary, but the shelves where I used to keep the Lego castles, and the table I used to stage the pictures I once took weekly are currently being used for a different hobby. Sometime over the last six months I packed away all the Legos I had put together and put them in their actual storage spaces, because I kept bumping them and breaking them. 

Instead, here’s a picture of a what a lot of my collection looks like now – neatly tucked away in this drawer where I keep them. Yay! Neatly bagged and organized, like some kind of weirdo!

4 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time In The Land of Eight, There Stood A Castle, Very Great

  1. Good to hear from you and glad your site didn’t go completely dark although it is understandable why you wouldn’t have anything to post. This year has certainly been an interesting chapter in our dance lives and it has given the opportunity to explore life without ballroom. You’ll know if and/or when it is right to return and whether to bring the castle out of storage. Hope to eventually hear more tales from the Kingdom but would certainly understand if this is the end.

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