I Move This Fast, And I Make Mistakes

I don’t really have much to write tonight.

Actually, there are things I had in mind to write about… but I didn’t actually want to spend time thinking about those things tonight. In all honesty, I have put a lot of thought today into coming up with a plan for how to hand out candy safely on Halloween this year. We’re counting down the days to that holiday, and it’s my favorite holiday, so it’s important to me to think about what I’m going to do to celebrate. I know it’s still a long way off, but with how things are going in the world right now, I have to put more time into thinking about Halloween than I normally would.

The actual day falls on a Saturday this year. In the past stages of my life (i.e. pre-pandemic times), that would have meant that awesome things could happen on Halloween night itself. Either going out to a house party, or to a club to be around people, or to a ballroom dancing party, which is what I have done in these past several years of my life. I would be putting in time about now thinking of what kind of awesome costume I could wear that I could still dance in. That’s an important thing to think about!

This year, those things probably won’t happen. Since I do live in an area now where Trick-or-Treating still happens, there will still be something that I can do Halloween night to keep me entertained, which is passing out candy in costume. I just have to figure out the best way to do it so that A) it’s fun for me, and B) it’s safe for everyone involved. I have an idea I’m contemplating, and about a month-and-a-half to turn it into reality if that’s what I think will work best.

So, because that’s what I’ve been thinking about, the other dance-related things that I had made notes about to discuss are getting shelved until later. Sorry this week hasn’t been super exciting. But, let’s face it… the world of partner dancing isn’t as exciting as it used to be right now, so that’s kind of par for the course.

Until later!

2 thoughts on “I Move This Fast, And I Make Mistakes

  1. Trick or treating is cancelled in my area. 😦 I’m sure there will be families who “didn’t get the memo” and will be out and about. But since I live in an apartment complex, I never get trick or treaters anyway. Still, I feel bad for the kids who got Halloween basically cancelled on them.

    1. I live somewhere where a lot of the people… let’s just say they don’t want to admit that this virus is real or is that big of a deal. The decision that was made based on discussions in the online groups for my neighborhood was to do trick-or-treating on two different nights this year: Friday night will be for proper socially distanced distribution of candy, and Saturday night will be for those families that ‘don’t want to ruin Halloween for the kids’ and letting kids come to people’s front doors, handing out candy like every other year.

      I’m thinking about just participating on Friday, and making up some kind of fun contraption where I can deliver candy from the top of my driveway to kids standing at the bottom. If I can set it up right, not only would it entertain the kids who get the candy from me this way, but it would also amuse me too, which is just as important. 🙂

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