Put Your Helping Hands Together, Rockin’ On For Survival

Not much in the way of dance news crossed my plate this week. Which is sad, because a friend was sending me updates this morning about all the terrible news going on in the world. I stopped paying attention to the news months ago to help keep my sanity, so seeing all kinds of sad or frustrating headlines in such a short period of time is not good for my outlook on life. Having dance-related things to think about would have been a nice distraction from how much it sounds like the world is on fire.

Rather than make some social commentary, I’m going to mention two happier things. Earlier this week, Sparkledancer was all excited to send me a message. You see, she keeps up with what I write here, and she was jealous of all the turtles that I got to meet and help out recently. Well, earlier this week while she was out for a walk in the morning, she got to meet a turtle friend of her own! This one happened to be in the street, like two of the turtles that I helped out, so to be a good friend she helped this turtle get across the street safely:
Look at how much happier it is in the brush!
Then this morning, she sent me another message along the same vein. She was out for a walk again, and noticed a different little guy out in the street. At first she thought it was dead, because it was just laying there, and when she poked it the thing just flipped over onto its back. That made her sad. But then it wiggled a little bit, so she picked it up for closer inspection:
Once it was on her hand for a little while and warmed up a bit, this little lizard became much more active. Hooray! So she helped it find a nice place out in a field of grass far away from the street so that it could stay safe and not have to worry about oncoming traffic. Good job Sparkledancer!

Small animals shouldn’t be in the street. I know that traffic hasn’t picked up completely to the level it was before the virus hit, but there are more cars out on the road than there were even a month ago. Drivers in those cars can’t see these little friends!

OK, I’m done now. Maybe there will be some interesting dance news to discuss next week. Until that time, keep an eye out for friends in the road, and be sure to help any that you see to cross safely. 🙂

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