Kings And Fools Die In Ridicule

Well, restrictions are relaxing around where I live. There are slightly more cars on the road than I had been seeing, which is the first real sign I have noticed that people are trying to get back into the swing of things. As for me, nothing much is changing yet in my world. I’ve already been going into the office for work everyday for a while now, so my day-to-day routine didn’t change when they announced that places could start opening back up.

Personally, I don’t worry too much about being at work as opposed to being at home. I have my own office, so if people are being weird I can always just close my door and communicate with everyone I need to via phone or email. If my cat were sleeping on my desk next to me while I was in the office, would I even know that I had left the house in the morning? Probably not.

But while some places and people are chomping at the bit to break free from their houses and return their lives to some semblance of what things looked like before, the world of ballroom dancing in my area is not stepping up to be a part of that. I don’t think anyone knows what ballroom dancing will look like in the post-restrictions world quite yet. From what I have read, most dance events in the area are already cancelled for the month of May, and events in June are not a for-sure possibility either.

The email sent out to all dancers in my area this week really outlined the issues with opening studios back up for dancing, making the issues plain for all to see. Dance studios aren’t one of the places included in the first phase of opening, so we would first have to wait until one of the later phases to start going. Once they are allowed to begin operations though, there will still be a need for people to maintain six feet of distance between each other. Gatherings at the studios will have to be limited to ten people in enclosed spaces, which makes holding parties iffy. The instructors and studio owners may have to convince anyone who shows up that they need to wear a mask, which a fair amount of people are against. There is also the logistics of so many people constantly washing their hands, not to mention the utility bill increases because of all that washing that the studio owners will have to cover. So many things to consider!

With so many stories about how people are not really following the recommendations to keep themselves safe, as well as stories about people who are actively going against the recommendations because they feel like the measures are denying them their rights, I wonder how dancers in my area are going to feel about the situation should dance events resume with all kinds of safety precautions required. Will they be totally on board with them, because they feel that dancing with proper precautions taken is better than no dancing at all? Or are they going to think that having any of these requirements is going too far and they will either show up and attempt to defy the rules or not attend events until the rules are removed? Like the masks – do you think a lot of dancers are going to want to wear one while at a dance party?

It’s hard to say. I could see people that I’ve met through various dance functions falling into both extremes, either totally adamant about the safety precautions recommended by experts, or convinced that the precautions are an attempt to take away their freedoms. Then there are lots of people I know who would be hanging around in the middle, not really on board completely with one side or the other. Those people will be in the majority, but are less likely to step up and make their voices heard to let the others know what it is they want to see as dancing starts back up.

What would I want to see? Dancing in anthropomorphic costumes. Like a full-on furry convention with ballroom dancing. That would keep everyone both safe and entertained, don’t you think? What animal would I be? Well, a cat costume does appeal to me, but I think that everyone would expect that from me, so maybe I should be something else. Maybe a dragon? Then I could show up with a cat also dressed like a dragon. That would be my dance partner for the evening.


I’m rambling now. Probably time to end this.

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