There’s A Thousand Reasons I Should Go About My Day

So I have to admit that dance has fallen by the wayside for me this past week. I didn’t do any dance related activities, I didn’t think about dance, I didn’t even sit and think about what I was going to write about here until just before the usual time I post this. Dance just seemed… inconsequential this week.

It’s not that dance isn’t important, it’s just that other things came up. Let me tell you something about myself, which is not something I do very often – I am one of those people that is totally OK with being inside and by myself for long periods of time. I have ways of entertaining myself that don’t require being out in the world. For example, I like to write, even if I’m not very good at it, I like to sit and think, or solve puzzles. Once and a while I may even watch some of my favorite old cartoons from the 80s all over again, even though I’ve seen them all a million times. Normally I work a lot, so if I had time to do those things, I would be perfectly happy to sit alone and do such things for a couple weeks (or more).

But Sparkledancer is not like me. I know I said I wasn’t going to make a big deal out of admitting that she’s my wife, but this past week I have spent a lot of time just trying to be there for her to help her cope with the existential dread of things changing. She has had times over the last couple weeks since she’s been stuck at home (her job closed its doors before mine did) that this has been really rough for her. So the idea of doing anything dance related when my favorite dance partner is having trouble adjusting to the reality that we are stuck under seems like not the best use of my time.

Part of the issue is that her hip is still not completely healed, so she still can’t do a lot of the physical activities that she would otherwise use to fill her time. Part of it has to do with her job not really being set up to do remotely like mine is, so she and her coworkers are struggling to find the right direction moving forward. And, like I said, she’s not like me. Sitting and doing the same thing for long periods of time is just not her style. The fact that her hip hurts and forces her to stay sitting for a long time even though she doesn’t like it is hard for her.

There are virtual dance classes available, both free and paid that I could be doing that would give me all kinds of things to write about. I thought about taking several of them at various times over the week, but I would feel bad doing them at home when she can’t do them with me. She tried to do one with me back when this all started and the studios all shut their doors. She managed to make it about fifteen, maybe twenty minutes before she had to quit, leaving me to finish class by myself. That made me feel sad for her.

Even though it’s not something I’m very good at, right now I’m spending most of my time being available for the ladies in my house. Whether they need me to listen while they talk about the things going on that frustrate them, or they are waiting for me to sit down on the couch so they can curl up on top of me, that’s been what has filled most of my free time, which is any time that I’m not going over stuff for work while I’ve been home the last week-and-a-half. So… hopefully you can see why I don’t have anything interesting to say about dance right now.

Laptop… so… far… away…

My cat has actually been slightly more needy than Sparkledancer. She’s an old cat at this point, right around fourteen or so. I love her to pieces, and I know her life is much shorter than mine, so when she wants to cuddle with me I will always pay attention to her. Lately though, she doesn’t want to curl up on my lap if I’m sitting on the couch – she goes out of her way to lay on top of one of my arms, usually wrapping her front legs around it like a hug, and then just closes her eyes and purrs softly. If she lays there long enough, she will start to snore as well. Tiny little kitty snores.

It’s adorable, but it makes it really hard for me to do anything else. Several times she has done this while I was sitting there with my laptop on my lap as I was trying to write stuff. She just comes over and crawls across my lap, pushes my arm down and then lays down right on top of it. So demanding! I can’t blame anyone else for her being a weirdo either. I was the one that adopted her when she was just a kitten, so I was the one that raised her. It’s my own fault…

So as you can see, dance has just gone out the window for me this past week. Maybe next week I will get a chance to do some dance related things if the novelty of me being home during the day has finally worn off. Who knows?

I hope you’re managing to get your dance fix in while you’re stuck at home. Do some extra dancing for me if you can, OK?

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