Ready For A New Day, Ready For A Change

One of the things that has really struck me over the course of the last week now that all dance studios in my area are shut down is how much I never really planned to practice dancing at home. I moved a while back for a variety of reasons, as you could probably tell whenContinue reading “Ready For A New Day, Ready For A Change”

This Empty Room Is My Companion

Well, it’s happened in my neck of the woods much like I’m sure that it happened in yours: dance shutdown. The dance parties that I was hoping to get to this weekend? Cancelled. Group classes at the studios near my house? Cancelled. For the foreseeable future, it looks like the Dance Kingdom is going toContinue reading “This Empty Room Is My Companion”

Are You Well In The Suffering?

This week in Latin Technique class we had a much better turnout than we did last week, as there were six of us in class compared to just the two of us who showed up last week. On top of that we had an even number of Leads and Follows, so Lord Junior got toContinue reading “Are You Well In The Suffering?”

Eyes Wide Open, Always Hoping For The Sun

Look at that! Another year has flown by! Can you believe that I’ve been maintaining this site regularly for seven years now? That’s kind of crazy. Here’s hoping that I haven’t learned everything that I’m able to learn about dancing, so I will have more silly things to make notes about in the future. ForContinue reading “Eyes Wide Open, Always Hoping For The Sun”