No, We Won’t Break, We’re More Than Flesh And Bone

Well, much like most other people in the country, this past Friday I was out and about. There was a special holiday-themed dance party going on at the Electric Dance Hall, and I decided to hit that up to get out of the house for a while.

The strange female instructor who teaches at the Electric Dance Hall was giving a lesson on Rumba before the party started. For some reason, she really put emphasis on calling it Rrrroomba (with the rolled R) every time she said it. I’m sure that in the original language that’s probably the more proper pronunciation, but the way she was really forcibly emphasizing that each and every time she said the word was kind of irritating. Do you have people in your studio that say it like that too, where it’s almost like they are trying to sound cooler than you because they don’t use the Americanized ‘rhumba’ pronunciation?
Anyway, what she was teaching was some basic American Rumba anyway, so saying the word like that could actually be wrong in the context we were talking about. I’m not a linguist by trade though, so I don’t know for sure – it just seems logical to me that if we were dancing American Rumba that you would use the more Americanized pronunciation. Doesn’t that seem right to you?

Once the lesson was over, I actually spent quite a bit of time at the party dancing with Sparkledancer. And, funny enough, finding that I was having a really hard time remembering what to do in a lot of dances. I guess taking so much time away from dance while she has been injured has really gotten me out of practice with a lot of different dance styles. Anything more than the bare basics, and I may need to step through things a time or two to make sure I remember how to do the figures properly. Hmm…

Let’s actually go off track here a bit to talk about Sparkledancer. So she’s been in pain for a long time now, way more than half a year. When she went to her normal doctor to talk about what was causing her pain, they gave her a diagnosis of basically having a badly irritated nerve, to put it in layman’s terms. The course of treatment had her seeing some people a couple times a week to get looked at and to try and loosen up the muscles around the nerve to allow it to heal properly.

Months went by, and while the pain subsided somewhat It never actually went away. Strangely enough, one of the guys she was seeing for treatment every week, she would actually feel terrible the next day after working with him. The pain would actually be worse until it calmed down again through rest and relaxation. That never seemed right. After plateauing on the healing from all that treatment, she finally went to talk to a different specialist to see if they could help her find a new path to get more improvement on healing.

This specialist ran her through a series of tests and said that, in his expert opinion the original diagnosis was completely wrong. His diagnosis was that she had some serious inflammation issues in her hip joint (once again, to put it in layman’s terms). That actually explained a lot of things about the way she was feeling. Like the reason why she always was in pain after seeing the one guy for treatment before – what he was having her do was actually making the problem in her hip worse, prolonging the inflammation and preventing it from healing.

Luckily, this specialist had seen this issue lots of times and had a treatment that would help reduce the pain and give her hip a proper chance to heal. She had that new treatment done on Tuesday this week. Because the treatment was kind of… invasive, for lack of a better word, she is going to be sore from that for several days, but hopefully once the treatment starts to take effect it will help reduce the pain in her hip and allow the inflammation to heal faster. She was told that since she is young and in really good shape, she has a fairly good prognosis for a full recovery. Also, now that no one is giving her treatments that are making the issue worse, the healing should speed up somewhat as well.

So where does that leave her as far as dancing goes? Well, for a while she has to stay away from doing too much activity with that hip, so dancing will probably be really low for her during that period. She’s allowed to start some low-level, kind of therapeutic activities soon, and then gradually as her physical therapist OKs things, she should be able to pick up more activity. Assuming the pain has gone away, that would include dancing. Then we can start practicing together once more. Hopefully over the next couple of months things will get back to mostly normal for her.

The question that then comes up is… where does that leave me?

I know there’s a lot of things I could be doing. I could be out finding a new dance partner to work with while she recovered. I could go out and practice on my own more often. I could go to more classes to try and refresh my memory on all the things I’ve forgotten through disuse. The thing is… I’m not going to.

To tell you the truth – and I’ll probably not repeat this again, and continue to write things in such a way that make it sound different to retain my anonymity – Sparkledancer is my wife, and while I enjoy dancing, I mostly enjoy it because we get to do it together. Surprised? It probably wasn’t that hard to figure out, though I tried to write things in such a way to keep my personal life separate from my dance life. Anyway, while she has been hurt, it’s really not a lot of fun for me to go off and try to dance without her. It just feels like something is missing. You know, her. She’s missing. And I don’t like that.

So until her hip recovers, I will probably keep doing what I’ve been doing. Which is a lot less than I used to do. When she does recover, I’m not sure what it will look like for getting back into dancing. ‘Overuse of the hip joint’ was the most likely reason we were given that this problem happened in the first place, so to avoid it ever happening again we’ll have to be careful for a while. That means that putting in serious practice almost every day of the week like we used to do probably won’t happen again for a while, if ever. Our rate of improvement will probably not be as fast if we cut back like that, but you know what? That’s OK with me. I’d rather have her out on the floor with me than risk having her feel the amount of pain she’s been dealing with again.

She’ll probably be surprised to find out that I am saying this much. I don’t know why I’m admitting this all now, after all these years. It’s late as I sit here and write this. Maybe tomorrow when I read through the post to finalize it before uploading it I will go through and change what I said. But probably not. I don’t usually put that much effort into editing these short blurbs unless there’s something really wrong.

(Love you, girlie. I’m sure you’re reading this…)

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