Reaching Out For Something You’ve Got To Feel

I did manage to go out to a dance party last Saturday. Funny enough, for the first part of the party, I actually got roped into working rather than dancing. See, I was at the Electric Dance Hall for the event. Lord Junior was there when I showed up, but he also had his twoContinue reading “Reaching Out For Something You’ve Got To Feel”

No, We Won’t Break, We’re More Than Flesh And Bone

Well, much like most other people in the country, this past Friday I was out and about. There was a special holiday-themed dance party going on at the Electric Dance Hall, and I decided to hit that up to get out of the house for a while. The strange female instructor who teaches at theContinue reading “No, We Won’t Break, We’re More Than Flesh And Bone”

No Regrets, Just One Shot At Glory

Now let’s talk about something completely different than what I have been going on about lately… This past weekend I went out to a festival that was being put on to celebrate West Coast Swing in my area. As you probably already know, secretly I love West Coast Swing and wish that I knew aContinue reading “No Regrets, Just One Shot At Glory”

Why Do We Accept Things The Way They Are?

So… I recently saw a post someone else wrote that talked about why people should go into competing in the ballroom world if the game is rigged. As I read through it, part of me thought that things that I said over the last two weeks might have had something to do with influencing theContinue reading “Why Do We Accept Things The Way They Are?”