Another Day, Another Destiny

This week in the world of dance, I missed out on going to class on Monday night. There was an errand that came up unexpectedly, and that kept me from doing much of anything I wanted to do that night. I didn’t even get to eat dinner; rather, I had to wait until I finished the errand late at night, and ended up eating several handfuls of shredded cheese to keep from starving because that was the quickest food I had available that was ready for eating. It was not the healthiest meal in my life, let me tell you. I really should keep more snacks on hand…

But I did get to go to Wednesday night Standard Technique class, so hooray for that. This week, we ended up getting to look at some Waltz for fun. I thought class ended up being rather humorous, but one person who was with us that night was getting kind of frustrated early on… the results of which actually made it more fun for me, but I tried to hide that fact.

So four of us showed up for class that night: myself, Bony, Turkish Towel and Sparkledancer. We decided on Waltz, and Lord Junior had us start off easily enough by doing a Half Natural Turn to an Open Impetus, and then we went into a Chasse from Promenade Position. There were other things that Lord Junior wanted to have us do, but we actually got stuck on repeating just those three figures for quite a bit longer than expected.

See, Bony had this tendency to come out of the Open Impetus with her right foot turned out weirdly, rather than keeping her toes pointed forward on a straight line with the direction her foot was traveling. This is something that she has done many times in the past, and Lord Junior has made fun of her in this class a lot for the odd angles that she has turned her feet out to as she takes steps forward. But tonight he really wanted her to fix the issue. So he made all of us repeat the same figures over and over again until Bony managed to take the first step of the Chasse from Promenade Position as a heel lead without her foot turned out on a weird angle.

We must have gone through those three figures ten or twelve times before she managed to get it right, switching partners after every attempt so that she couldn’t blame her partner. Every time we did it we got hilarious commentary from Lord Junior afterward as he tried to encourage Bony to take the step correctly. I thought it was super funny.

Hopefully she managed to figure out that this was kind of an important technique that she should be doing every time, but who knows? Bony is kind of a mysterious figure. No one can tell if she likes dancing or not, or is actually learning anything from these classes. I am fairly certain that she just comes to class in order to socialize with Sparkledancer, rather than to learn about dancing better… but that’s just my own personal feeling on the matter.

Once Bony finally managed to get that step correct, there wasn’t a ton of time left in class, so Lord Junior only added on a couple of other figures for us to work on. Right after the Chasse from Promenade Position we did a Quick Open Reverse, and then a tiny Throwaway Oversway, and we finished up with a Hover Telemark that came out in Promenade Position. That’s as far as we got before time ran out that night. Lord Junior spent a few minutes after class was over joking around with us about all the other figures he had planned on having us work on if only we hadn’t spent so much time on those first three figures, which had us all laughing as we headed out for the night.

That’s really all that I did that was dance related this past week. It’s been really quiet in my dance world lately. I’ve noticed that. Maybe I should try and work on that. I know that there’s all kinds of stuff I could go out and do, but ever since I moved to my new place that is closer to my office, I am much further away from many of the dance studios in town. My desire to travel long distances for dance parties and the like has decreased proportionally. I am much more likely to just sit at home at night and let my cat fall asleep in my lap. I don’t even watch TV or anything – I just sit there quietly with her curled up on me for a while until I need to go to sleep myself. Does this mean that I am getting old?

I’ll try and look for something more exciting to go out and do. But not tonight. Tonight I’m going to finish posting this and then work on sending out some other emails before wrapping things up for the day. So much excitement! I hope I can handle it all…

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