Gulped, Swallowed Or Chewed — Still Worth A King’s Ransom!

Would you look at that? Yet another year where I manage to post something on this day of all days! This particular Thursday I wasn’t even near my house most of the day, and I still managed to get this post finished and uploaded! Yes, even when I am off visiting family, I still have a few moments to make sure that all my dance notes are in order so that I can review them later. I am nothing if not a creature of habit, after all…

What did you expect my family to look like?

But since a lot of people usually take this whole week to go visit family, things were quiet around the Dance Kingdom over the last few days. The class I normally attend on Wednesday nights was cancelled this week because Lord Junior was also off somewhere visiting family. Not that I would have been able to attend myself, since I wasn’t around either, but this way I didn’t actually miss anything. That left just two things on my dance plate this week. Twice as much as I did last week, but still not a whole lot.

There actually isn’t a lot to say about the dance party that I went to on Saturday night either. In my part of the Dance Kingdom it was raining pretty heavily that night, and as you could have guessed that seemed to keep a lot of people at home. Those of us who were brave enough to defy the elements and leave the house got to dance the night away with the sound of the rain beating a steady rhythm on the roof of the building. But… that was really all there was to it.

Monday night I was one of only a handful of students who made it out to Latin Technique class. Since there were only three of us there for class, and only one of us actually worked on Latin for competitive reasons, Lord Junior had us go over some parts of that lady’s Cha-Cha routine so that she could get in some extra practice.

To warm-up though, we did something that I thought was pretty fun. Rather than just doing basic Latin Walks like we’ve used in past classes to get our legs working, this time we added in a balance component. My balance is pretty OK, I like to believe. Before I got super into lifting heavy things as my workout of choice, I had a much more well-rounded fitness regimen, and regular Yoga workouts were part of that. I improved my balance a lot during those years. Nowadays though, even if I’ve lost a lot of my former flexibility because I have a lot more mass in my body that doesn’t bend so well, I still can balance myself fairly well.
This warm-up exercise had us taking steps just like in a normal set of Rumba Walks, but once we took the step we would actually lift the non-standing leg off the floor. Doing this slowly and standing on one leg after every step is pretty easy, but I think it was more fun when we did three steps in a row in time with the music and then had to hold the slow count while balancing on one foot. The momentum picked up while taking several steps in a row and then having to stop suddenly and lift one leg… so much fun.

I’m not entirely sure why I thought this was so much fun – after all, there isn’t a whole lot to the exercise now that I have it written down – but it amused me. I hope that we get to do the same thing again in future classes. Or maybe I’ll just do it at home by myself. I’m sure that my cat won’t think I’m crazy if I walk around the house and occasionally stop and lift one leg off the ground behind me, right?

Once we got through the warm-up, we moved on to look at some Cha-Cha. The progression that we looked at was the beginning of the Open-level routine that the lady in class was working on perfecting for her next competition. The beginning was a back check into a set of syncopated Lock Steps, and then beyond that there were a whole bunch of figures that don’t really have names. I’m not even sure how to explain half of them in writing to make things sound correct.

For example, at the end we did this thing where there was kind of a New Yorker, but rather than turning back to face our partners we just shifted weight so that we were standing on the ball of the other foot, then pivoted on the balls of both feet, then flicked the outside leg off to the right, then did like a double pivot on the balls of both feet again before going back into New Yorker position again. It’s crazy, and I could show it to you, but as you can see there’s really no good way to write it down that makes a lot of sense to anyone who wasn’t there to step through it with us. So I’ll just leave it there like that.

Here’s hoping that all of you had fun with whatever activities that you did today, and didn’t eat too much. Or if you did eat too much, you gorged yourself on all of the best parts of the meal… like the pie. Or the tiny biscuits. Or the miniature sandwiches. Whatever kinds of food you eat on Thanksgiving. Yum!

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