If You Get Lost, You Can Always Be Found

Been a bit weird for me this week for a whole bunch of reasons. Most of the weirdness was something I had planned on occurring, and I even warned all of you about it a little over a month ago. But one weird thing came up that was completely unexpected, and was really surprising forContinue reading “If You Get Lost, You Can Always Be Found”

Shine Glorious We Run

Though I was initially skeptical about doing so, I went out this weekend to attend part of a day at a training camp being held for competitive ballroom dancers at the Endless Dance Hall. In some ways I got lucky – originally, the organizers had talked to my coach and convinced him to sign upContinue reading “Shine Glorious We Run”

Ain’t Got Time To Oil The Hinges, Nor To Mend The Windowpane

Here’s something that I have been thinking about that I wanted to throw out there to see if anyone else has some thoughts… It’s been what now, something more than five years since the formation of the Ballroom Village? When the idea was originally pitched to me, I was told that the intention was toContinue reading “Ain’t Got Time To Oil The Hinges, Nor To Mend The Windowpane”

Welcome To Where Time Stands Still

The big event going on in the Dance Kingdom this past weekend was a charity dance to help raise money for youth ballroom dancing clubs. Since I’ve met a number of these youth dancers over the years – I see them around working with their instructors, and several of them have also ended up atContinue reading “Welcome To Where Time Stands Still”