Watch Out, I Ain’t Lying, Yeah

In a strange turn of events, I ended up out at the Prime Dance Hall on Friday night. Things got to be a bit weird while I was there.

The idea for going out to the Prime Dance Hall started with Sparkledancer. She is one of Seedling’s favorite people to talk to about dance, and from what she has told me he will usually send her at least one message a day about some sort of dance topic. One day he told her that the instructors at the Prime Dance Hall told him that any of their students can sign up to do a performance at any of their Friday dance parties for a low cost. Seedling thought that was just the coolest thing, and was all gung-ho about performing, so just two weeks before the dance party I went to last Friday he had signed up to perform.

Two weeks to learn and polish a performance doesn’t sound like much, but it gets even better. Apparently his instructor didn’t like the choreography that they had put together, so the Tuesday before the performance she scrapped the whole thing, chose a brand-new song for Seedling to dance to, and started over. Then on Wednesday Seedling went back to the studio after finding what he called ‘cool moves that he saw videos of Pros doing’ and told his instructor that they needed to include at least one of those moves in the performance. She agreed, so they ended up having to redo large sections of the choreography again just two days before the performance… with no lessons on Thursday to work on it, and only two lessons on the day of the performance to get everything finished.

By this time, Seedling was asking Sparkledancer if she wanted to go to the dance party to watch his performance. Being such a nice person, Sparkledancer also extended the invitation to other people, including me, which is how I ended up at the Prime Dance Hall on Friday night to see what was going to happen. When I got to the studio on Friday night and met up with Sparkledancer, I was surprised to find that I was the only other person who came. Evidently everyone else had headed off to one of the many other Friday night parties going on in the Dance Kingdom rather than come to the party at the Prime Dance Hall.

I had gotten there early enough to be a part of the group class that happened before the party. The class went over the basics of the Tango and the Cha-Cha. Most of the ladies in the class had only been dancing for a few weeks at most, so even though the guy teaching the class only went over the American Tango basic and Left Foot and Right Foot Rocks, and in Cha-Cha he only covered the basic and the Crossover Break, these were all new steps for almost all the ladies I danced with.

A couple of the girls were talking with me a lot during the Tango section of class simply because I was starting off with all my weight on my right leg and my left foot pointed off to the side – because that’s a habit for me at this point. They had never seen anyone start a dance like that before, so two of them made a big deal about telling me that they were going to do the same as me because of how cool they thought I looked. I thought it was funny because it’s very rare that anyone calls me ‘cool’ which leads me to believe that anything cool that I do is completely by accident. ‘Accidentally Cool’ will be the inscription I ask for on my tombstone.

The party afterward was kind of weird. I ended up dancing with mostly Sparkledancer for the whole night. I’m sure that was kind of my fault – after the first time we danced together during the party, it was pretty obvious to everyone that we weren’t just newcomers like everyone else. There were a ton of the Prime Dance Hall instructors at the party that night, and almost all of them came to talk to either Sparkledancer or I (or both of us if we happened to be near one another) to ask about where we had learned to dance.

However, I think that dancing in the manner that we do also scared other people away from us. The only men that came to ask Sparkledancer to dance were myself, Seedling, and two of the instructors. Plus, the times when Sparkledancer and I danced together, even if we weren’t doing anything I thought was overly fancy, people were cheering for us. For example: a simple Back Corte in the Tango. It’s an easy figure, one of the first I learned in Bronze ages and ages ago, but more than once during that party people were applauding Sparkledancer and I when we did that figure. I have no idea why.

About forty-five minutes into the party they stopped the music and had everyone move to sit against the back wall for Seedling’s performance. The dance was a Rumba, and to sum it up… it was pretty much what I expected a performance that was choreographed, thrown out and re-choreographed and wasn’t practiced much to look like. What I mean by that is that the entire dance was the instructor. She wore the fancy costume and did most of the movement, while Seedling only did a handful of figures and then stood in one place for much of the dance while she used him as a support for the movements she was doing.

Don’t get me wrong – it was OK, but I honestly don’t think that it was what Seedling was hoping to show off. I think that his instructor took it a step too far with what she was doing, Her Rumba looked like an attempt to display her sexuality and power as she stalked around the room and engaged with the audience, while Seedling’s choreography looks like it was added as an afterthought. Her movements were egregious and bawdy, and the majority were done while separated from her partner, while he occupied a spot off to her side or behind her and did a few easy steps, like Cucarachas and some awkward arm movements. The end of the performance involved her grabbing Seedling’s tie (the sole costume item he was told to wear) and leading him off the floor like a puppy.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I spend so much time in the Amateur world and don’t compete or perform with an instructor that I noticed that the whole performance was done by the instructor. Or maybe if I had talked with others in the crowd afterward they would have told me that they saw the same thing. What do you tell someone about how well they danced when that’s all you noticed? I kind of gave Seedling a sideways ‘good job’ afterward because I thought it might be rude to tell him what I thought. That’s why I am writing it out here instead. I can say whatever I want here because only one person I know in real life knows that this site exists, so no one’s feelings will get hurt.

Last Saturday night was a different story for me. There was a dance party going on at the Electric Dance Hall that I had heard about. I decided to head out to that so that I could spend some time being social in a place where I knew pretty much everyone.

Lord Junior was offering a group class before the party started. Only about a dozen people showed up early enough for the class, so he decided to change up his plan for the evening. Originally he had planned to do a class that covered just the beginner steps of the Foxtrot, but since Lord Junior knew that most of the people in the class had been dancing for quite a while he thought that he would try covering something a bit more challenging, so we ended up looking at Viennese Waltz instead.

There was one couple that came to the party that no one knew. From what the gentleman said, the two of them had come in from out of town to visit their son over the weekend, but had decided to go to the dance party that night just for a change of pace. They were active social dancers in their hometown, and the idea of going out to a studio they had never seen before in a different town intrigued them. The two of them told Lord Junior that they had done a little bit of Viennese Waltz years ago, but didn’t remember very much of it. He told them it would be no problem, and then asked Sparkledancer to work with the lady and for me to work with the gentleman if they needed any help.

After Lord Junior started talking about the footwork for the Reverse Turn, it became clear that neither of these people had actually done Viennese Waltz before… the guy admitted that he mistook the dance for something else they had done. So rather than just helping them out, Sparkledancer and I ended up giving the two of them extended help on just getting the Reverse Turn and Natural Turn down to a point where they could get from one end of the floor to the other. Halfway through the class we switched so that she could dance with the guy while I tried it out with the lady. Things were going pretty well for both of them, but then the lady said that the dance was making her dizzy so she went to sit down for the rest of class and just watch.

I’m not sure what other sorts of things that the class covered that night since I wasn’t really paying attention. By the time they finished up, I didn’t even think to ask someone if they had talked about anything else other than the Reverse Turn and Natural Turn. I assume that they did, because you need at least a Change Step to switch back and forth between the two as you go around the floor. But maybe not. Maybe all the people in class are going to go around the room only rotating one way. That could be silly, right?

The party afterward made me happy for a couple of reasons. For one thing, Sparkledancer and I finally decided to try out our new routines on a floor where there were other people dancing the same style at the same time, and all the ones that we did went great! I say ‘all the ones that we did’ because there wasn’t a Quickstep played that night, so we only really got to test out the Waltz, Foxtrot and Tango routines. Funny enough, there also wasn’t a Viennese Waltz played that night either, even though the class beforehand covered that style.

But the other thing that made me happy was the antics of Lord Junior. I guess someone had given him a nice bottle of rum that he had forgotten about, and he found it at the studio earlier in the day. During the party, he decided to give it a try… and ended up having several glasses of it while telling people that he was training to be a pirate. That made me laugh. Also, he had gotten a bag of cheesy poof snacks for everyone to share at the party, but it was him and Sparkledancer that polished off the majority of the bag before the party was even half over. I don’t know why I thought that was so funny, but I did.

Wednesday night was a bit different for me this week. Normally I go out to the Electric Dance Hall for Standard Technique class, but this week Lord Junior had invited a high-level female coach to come in and work with his Pro/Am students for the day. One of the ladies that signed up to take a session with the coach was Sparkledancer, and since she doesn’t dance Pro/Am she asked me to be there for the lesson so that there was someone to dance Lead while the two of them worked together. This coach was actually someone that Sparkledancer had the opportunity to work with before, way back in the day in early 2017, a coach I gave the name Lady Kate the Great to way back then.

Sparkledancer had a few different points that she wanted to work on that evening, and luckily she was able to get some time on all of them using just one dance style. We started off the session by running through our Waltz routine for her once so that she could get an idea of what she was working with. When finished, the first thing she wanted to talk about with Sparkledancer was her positioning. She wanted to have her make some minor adjustments to her contact point with me. To practice this, she took Sparkledancer over to the wall and had her stand with her toes about two inches away, then bend so that she could make contact with her knees and chest while leaving her upper back free. Once the position was better in the body, she turned Sparkledancer’s head slightly so that it was pointed between the elbow and wrist of her left hand while in frame with me.

After those adjustments, we began to work on the meat of what Sparkledancer wanted to look at – Promenade Position. The first place in the routine that we go into Promenade Position is right near the beginning where there is an Open Impetus. Lady Kate the Great wanted Sparkledancer to delay her head opening during the Open Impetus to help keep her shoulders down when going into Promenade Position. She said that if you think about turning the head on beat three rather than on beat two, that will help get a better look out of the Promenade Position.

The next place where we transition into Promenade Position is a couple figures later after an Outside Change which goes into a Chasse From Promenade Position. Here, like before, she wanted Sparkledancer to delay the head opening. She also told her that during the Chasse From Promenade Position she should keep her shoulders down and arms long. I’m not quite sure what that means, but it seemed important so I’m noting it.

By this time we had decided to just keep stepping through the routine one section at a time so that Lady Kate the Great could look at as much as possible with Sparkledancer. Next up they went over the Natural Spin Turn into Reverse Pivot. She told Sparkledancer to make sure not to rise during the beginning of the figure. Her description was kind of funny – she said this was one of those figures that should look like something else (in this case a normal Natural Pivot), and then it’s a “surprise” when we do the checking action into the Reverse Pivot. To make the surprise actually be surprising, she wanted Sparkledancer to exaggerate the left shape during the checking action. She wanted the exaggeration to feel like bending over a bar situated at the bra line.

From here, the next figure we stopped to spend time on was the Wing from the Turning Lock. The way that Lady Kate the Great did the Wing was rather interesting. I was able to feel it since I was the dance dummy while the two ladies were working. She called it “Extreme Outside Position” to emphasize what she wanted Sparkledancer to feel. She said that Sparkledancer should detach the hips when going around, and take a much bigger step on beat two to cross my body further. By her third step she wanted the connection at the back left of Sparkledancer’s outer hip and the front left of the ribcage.

Basically, without bending herself too weirdly, she was on my left side with her hips behind me and her ribs in front of me. Truly a strange feeling for me while holding her in that position. She told Sparkledancer that a good way to play with the position was by using her arm, holding it up as guidance to show where the body should be. Coming out of the Wing she wanted me to step straight forward into the Double Reverse Spin while Sparkledancer was moving backward.

The last bit of the routine that we looked at before running out of time was the Cross Hesitation into a Back Lock and Outside Spin. Much like the Wing, she said that Sparkledancer should feel like she is in that “Extreme Outside Position” during the Cross Hesitation as well, only being on the correct side of my body this time. She told Sparkledancer to keep that same position throughout the Back Lock and into the Outside Spin. For the Outside Spin itself, she recommended that stylistically she should avoid opening her head on the Outside Spin, and instead try to exaggerate the shape like they had worked on in the Checked Natural Spin Turn earlier.

So that was a lot of great information. Much, much, much more useful than the last coaching session that I went to, even if the information wasn’t specifically for me. I still found much of what the two ladies talked about interesting to listen to.

Also funny: after the lesson was over, Sparkledancer and I were out in the parking lot, talking and comparing notes on the lesson. She told me that when she had to dance with Lady Kate the Great it felt weird for her. She doesn’t get to work with female instructors very often anymore, so she was surprised how tiny and light she seemed when Lady Kate the Great was in frame with her. Sparkledancer said that she felt like she was going to accidentally break her when they were dancing together.

I thought that was super funny because the two ladies are pretty much the same size, and I always feel like I’m going to accidentally break Sparkledancer when we dance together. Now she knows how I feel!

3 thoughts on “Watch Out, I Ain’t Lying, Yeah

  1. Poor Seedling. From this and the other post, the Prime Dance Hall seems a bit shady to me. The instructor is there to make the student look good and so they are going to be dancing at a higher level but it shouldn’t be so far above the student that they fade into the background. A routine is where a student can “show off” a little bit. Oh well, if he’s happy, who am I to judge?

    1. The performance was… something. I don’t know if his instructor has ever had a student showcase before, because it was ALL about her. She was living out her own sexy fantasy, which just became uncomfortable the longer the song went. Seedling may as well have not been there–I don’t think she really even looked at him after they got started. It raised my eyebrows, but like you said, if he’s happy, it doesn’t matter.

      … except, he wasn’t happy. The next few days I got multiple earfuls of how the instructor was off-time (???) and making him look bad, and how he looked like a pansy being back-led, and he didn’t look manly at all, and his arms looked awful… it went on and on and on. The problem was he thought he was going to look like those pros he copied from the video, and then when he watched the recording of his performance, well, he looked like a Latin newcomer that had something put together in 2 days. Reality is a harsh mistress.

      Never fear, though! Seedling has recovered, and is already looking forward to performing with her again. He’s decided doing this once or twice a month is a great idea, because having 2 weeks this past time to learn something worked out so well!

      A final note–the Thespian left off the detail that probably made me cringe the most. 5 days before the performance, they changed routines completely from cha-cha to rumba. His instructor (from the super shady Prime Dance Hall) decided on the song to use. I’m sure it was just a coincidence, but I can’t help but think the switching around of routines (and thus requiring more lessons to learn it) wasn’t all just an inside joke to the various instructors working there. And what song was it? “I Put a Spell on You.”

      1. Wow, this is just all levels of cringe. A shady studio and a guy who seems to live in a fantasy world regarding his dancing ability. Guess it only ends when Seedling runs out of money. I think they deserve each other!

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