The Sane And The Insane Rivalry

Did you know there was a holiday last weekend? I completely forgot about it. Turns out, not a lot of stuff happens when a holiday falls directly on the weekend. My competitive partner Sparkledancer went off on vacation somewhere, so I had no one to practice with, and since I had just finished a competitionContinue reading “The Sane And The Insane Rivalry”

Such An Inspiration For The Ways That I’ll Never Ever Choose To Be

This weekend was quite the rollercoaster of reflection on competitive dancing for me. After what I wrote last week about my existential crisis toward dancing, I had hoped in my heart that the competition I was planning to go to would help me see that dancing was still just a fun pastime that I couldContinue reading “Such An Inspiration For The Ways That I’ll Never Ever Choose To Be”

The Quest Is Long And The End Is Near…

So I’m less than a week out from my next competition, which is the biggest competition I’ve gone to in a while, and do you know what happened? I got a text message from my coach over the weekend telling me that a visiting coach is coming into town and he has booked time onContinue reading “The Quest Is Long And The End Is Near…”

The Journey Seems Endless But I’ll Carry On

To make up for the lengthy post last week, I’m going to limit my stories this week to just two items. I’ll talk about Latin Technique on Monday, because that class brought a whole mess of drama with it, and then my lesson with my normal coach that I had on Wednesday night. The dramaContinue reading “The Journey Seems Endless But I’ll Carry On”