With Thunder We Ride, With Lightning We Strike

This past weekend was a competition for me. Overall, I think things went pretty OK. There was a lot about the dancing I did during the day that I am happy about, but there were just as many points that I was not happy with. That’s all good though – it’s a learning process, andContinue reading “With Thunder We Ride, With Lightning We Strike”

Floating In This Cosmic Jacuzzi

So, how were the last two weeks? Interesting? I hope so. It was entertaining for me to think about what I wanted to say, and then think about what should be cut since it turned out that I had way too much to say about fitness-related topics that help with dancing. Hopefully someone out thereContinue reading “Floating In This Cosmic Jacuzzi”

Fitness For Ballroom Dancers, Part 2

Let’s pick up where we left off last week. If you are new here, be sure to go back and check out Fitness For Ballroom Dancers, Part 1 to get yourself all caught up! Before I start in on anything new, I feel like I should reiterate the disclaimers that I posted last week, justContinue reading “Fitness For Ballroom Dancers, Part 2”

Fitness For Ballroom Dancers, Part 1

It’s funny – remember last week, when I asked whether anyone would be interested in some pointers on fitness-type things for dance? Well, on Saturday evening as I was finishing my normal workout, I got a text message from a dance instructor at a studio where I go to practice a lot. He wanted toContinue reading “Fitness For Ballroom Dancers, Part 1”