Oh No, I Can’t Slow Down, I Can’t Hold Back

Early Saturday afternoon, I got to meet up with Sparkledancer and Lord Dormamu for some coaching. Sir Steven had sent me a message earlier in the morning letting me know that he was sick and wouldn’t be in the studio, so this turned out to be my only lesson on Saturday. The first thing thatContinue reading “Oh No, I Can’t Slow Down, I Can’t Hold Back”

Banging On A Kettledrum Won’t Make You Notice Me

I know you’re probably mostly interested this week in hearing about the competition that I just finished, so I promise that I’ll talk about that first… Last Saturday was a busy day for me. I spent most of the day out at the Dance Death Arena to compete. This was another one of those competitionsContinue reading “Banging On A Kettledrum Won’t Make You Notice Me”

I Cry Out For Magic, See It Dancing In The Light

Most of what I did this week involved practice. I won’t bore you with practice stories, since they are boring, but it was something that I had to put in time for. After all, I am competing again next weekend, and this time around it looks like there will actually be other people on theContinue reading “I Cry Out For Magic, See It Dancing In The Light”

Turn The Bass Up, Let’s Go!

Man, what a crazy week! Has your week been crazy too? I hope so. That’s what keeps life interesting, isn’t it – things being crazy, and of course dancing? Despite my initial reservations, I ended up going out to a dance party last Friday night for a short period of time. I had considered justContinue reading “Turn The Bass Up, Let’s Go!”