Celebrate Like It’s The Anniversary Of The Day That We First Met

Would you look at that? My phone’s calendar beeped at me and told me that today marks four years since the first day I posted on this site. Four years! That’s a long time!

Earlier today when I had a few minutes of downtime, I went through all the links that I have posted on that Ballroom Village page. Back in the day, years ago now, I was asked to join that list with all these other people who were writing about ballroom dancing. Now, it only seems like a couple of the sites have had any updates to them recently, and I actually had to delete two of the links because the sites had been completely removed! Rest in peace, you poor forgotten dance sites. I’m sure there are other sites that should be on that page, but I don’t know who is maintaining the master list nowadays. I’ll try and go through it this weekend to get it up to date as best I can.

A tablet works better than a laptop if you’re not heavy enough to press the keys…

So why am I still going when all of these other sites have essentially given up? Well, for one thing, I don’t maintain this site as a way to connect with anyone or promote myself as a dancer. I actually use this site as a place to collect my notes about the things I learn during dance lessons and classes. Some people use notebooks to keep their dance notes in, but I am terrible about remembering to carry around something like that. With this site, I can jot down my notes using my computer or my phone, and then once a week I can go back and edit them to make things more readable and post it so that I can search through things later if I am trying to remember something. Letting other people read what I write was really never the primary intention.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy that other people actually read the things I have to say. Or… at least skim the things I have to say to pick up the salient points. So thank you! I hope my writing has provided you with something educational or entertaining during the course of these four years, and for however long I continue into the future.

And now, because it’s kind of a tradition, and this costume made me laugh a lot when I found it so I had to buy it just for this, here’s a picture of two Lego figures to close this out. I think the hands are my favorite part, though they don’t actually fit me all that well…

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Like It’s The Anniversary Of The Day That We First Met

  1. Love your blog! I write for similar reasons–usually it is to sort through some stuff. I especially love the lego.

    If you update the ballroom village info–let me know!

  2. Happy Blogiversary ! Now I see why you always go into so much detail when describing the various steps and moves. Don’t think anyone is formally updating the village. Steff started it up but she hasn’t posted anything in a long time. It is kind of sad how some blogs just fade away …….

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