Don’t Watch That, Watch This!

As promised, let’s start off by taking a trip back to last Thursday evening when I had gone out to the Electric Dance Hall at Sparkledancer’s request so that she could meet with that high-level female coach. We’ll call her Lady Kate the Great, just so that I have a name to refer to herContinue reading “Don’t Watch That, Watch This!”

Stop, Collaborate And Listen

Do you ever regret agreeing to do something? As I mentioned last week, there was a dance party going on last Friday night at the Electric Dance Hall, and HotDog had been bugging me to make sure I would be there because he wanted to ask me questions about my line of work. Knowing howContinue reading “Stop, Collaborate And Listen”

Don’t Think About It, Just Move Your Body

This past Saturday afternoon I met up with Sir Steven and Sparkledancer for my regularly scheduled coaching session. We all got together an hour earlier than usual, since there was going to be something going on at the Fancy Dance Hall later in the afternoon and we wanted to make sure that we had enoughContinue reading “Don’t Think About It, Just Move Your Body”

Celebrate Like It’s The Anniversary Of The Day That We First Met

Would you look at that? My phone’s calendar beeped at me and told me that today marks four years since the first day I posted on this site. Four years! That’s a long time! Earlier today when I had a few minutes of downtime, I went through all the links that I have posted onContinue reading “Celebrate Like It’s The Anniversary Of The Day That We First Met”